What's Going on With My Car?

When it comes to needing a car service Key West for your Toyota Florida, you know that our team is ready to step up. Not only do we have a well-stocked service department with auto parts Key West, but we have answers to your most pressing questions, including:

To order auto parts in Key West, or have more FAQ service questions answered, contact us or stop by today.

  • How often do I need an oil change? Oil changes typically occur around every 6,000 miles, or every six months if that arrives first. Your owner's manual will tell you for sure, but you can get in and out in no time with help from our team. Your oil is like the blood of your vehicle, and if it's not replaced, it fails to perform its function of preventing overheating and carrying debris away from the engine. It also becomes thicker, which could cause seizing with the engine.
  • Are tire rotations really necessary? Tire rotations prevent uneven wear on your tires, which could result in you spending much more on tires than you'd like. You know how much those are, so why put that cost onto yourself prematurely?
  • What's that light? A dash light doesn't have to be scary, and it usually is something innocuous. An oil change, low tire pressure, or low fuel can trigger a light to appear, but your owner's manual will help you determine if that warning is for something bigger.
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