Discover the New Toyota Lease to Drive Home With

If shopping for a new Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, Corolla, or RAV4 has been an enjoyable experience, it's because these vehicles are full of value and offer attractive features to improve the commute. One thing that our inventory has to offer is the ability to discover the best car, truck, or SUV that is ready to offer support for your busy lifestyle, but when it comes to discussing financing, sometimes our customers are a little uncertain of the process.

When you browse our new or used inventory, it's important to consider which model best fits into your budget. If you fill out a pre-approval form, you can have a better sense of your financial standing before even sitting in the driver's seat for a test drive. Having the right information makes the process easier, and with your pre-approval, you can gauge your budget better. What more could a driver need?

Financing for Your New Car, Truck, or SUV Made Simple

With years of experience, our financing team can get you the right Toyota lease terms to give you the confidence to take home the brand-new Toyota car that lets you make the most of your commute. Enjoying your free time and getting out to see the sights is more enjoyable with a new vehicle, so allow our financing team to give you the guidance to get the lease terms within your budget. You know what makes sense for you, and we're just here to help you get what you need.

We encourage you to fill out this pre-approval form and see where you can go with your lease or loan. Getting the latest features, the newest safety technology, and an attractive, yet affordable, new Toyota vehicle can be easy with our help. Reach out to us and we'll be glad to get you into a new Toyota model on your terms.


Leasing Provides Numerous Benefits Over Purchasing

You've taken test drives, done the research on which Toyota car, truck, or SUV suits your lifestyle best, and you've finally decided on what trim level you need. You're all set until our financing team asks: "Would you like to lease or buy?"

Wait, what?

If you hadn't given much thought to that question, you're in luck. Our team knows that while the process of selecting your new Toyota Tundra or Tacoma is exciting, discussing what to do after that can be a little uncomfortable. Whether you're not completely comfortable with your options or you aren't quite sure what the difference between buying and leasing is, you are not alone.

Learn the Benefits of Leasing Your New Toyota Car, Truck, or SUV

Our customers often lament that they know what buying entails, but aren't 100% on the details of leasing. There are plenty of reasons to argue for a new Toyota lease, but when it comes time to sign the paperwork, only you can determine for sure which is the way to go. Our team here at Key West Toyota want you to have the facts that explain why leasing your Toyota RAV4 or Corolla may be the best option for you versus buying, and we've put together a comprehensive list for your consideration.

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Benefits of Leasing Instead of Purchasing

  • Leasing could offer you a lower monthly payment than buying since leasing doesn't require you to borrow for the full value of the Toyota 4Runner of your choice.
  • A Toyota lease doesn't always require you to come up with a down payment like a loan would.
  • When leasing, you don't need to worry about depreciation because when you trade your Toyota vehicle in, you just walk away or sign a new lease. With buying, you're at the mercy of steep depreciation rates and may lose out on the value of your vehicle.
  • At the end of your Toyota lease, you can opt to continue paying for your vehicle by moving forward with a purchase. With a loan, you have to worry about whether your vehicle's value stayed close enough to what it was when you purchased it. Otherwise, you're going to fall short.
  • The main attraction for leasing your Toyota Camry is that once you've satisfied your lease terms, you can select a brand-new vehicle from our inventory and get access to the latest features on the market. With buying, you have to worry about trade-in values, down payments, and more.

Once you're ready to discuss the Toyota lease terms available to you, contact our financing team or visit us today. While you test drive your Toyota Highlander, our financing team will be prepared to field your questions and get you into the right vehicle at the right monthly payment option.

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